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Remember Your License Plate

Pay Stations require you to enter in your license plate.

You need to enter your license plate number into our Pay Station when you pay for parking. Use the camera of your Smart Phone to take a photo of it.

Move Your Car After 3 Hours

Move Your Car After 3 Hours.

We've extended our parking time from two hours to three. Time limits are enforced and after 3 hours you must move your car or be subject to a fine.

Users Guide to Pay Stations

Pay Stations require you to enter in your license plate.

Pay Stations are new to downtown Kamloops, here's a video that explains the changes with a few simple reminders for what you need to know.

Handicap & Veteran Parking

Veterans & Handicap parking is free for a maximum of 3 hours.

A person with a veteran's license plate or handicap permit may park for free, but they do have a 3 hour maximum time limit. More details...

Pay Stations Replace Meters

More information about downtown parking

Downtown parking meters are slated for removal in favour of 90 Pay Stations to be conveniently located at most intersection corners and at mid-block.

More Payment Options

More Payment Options Downtown Pay Stations means flexibility with added payment options. Major Credit Cards and the Discover Card are accepted. Change is still an option; all Canadian coins and American quarters are accepted. Pennies are not permitted.